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About Us

While the whole world is still advocating Equality for women, we at Women-ID believe that why just look at seeking parity when we all know women is no lesser than anyone. Let’s aim farther and empower the women today to standout, shine and create their independent Identity beyond equality.

Women-ID works as a positive media committed to create & share inspiring content, organize activities & events, and provide community forum for sharing women issues; directed to help women in carving out their Individual distinctiveness. Women-ID is not just a dedicated organization, it’s a growing movement committed for the overall betterment of women community.

Key Objectives

While WID supports a host of women related issues including but not limited to women education, women empowerment, women’s health rights, representation of women at work, reducing gender gap etc, ; the prime objective is to undertake support initiatives and provide inspiring, positive content

  • to equip women with relevant information,
  • to elevate wellbeing of women
  • to enrich their exposure & thinking
  • to encourage women for establishing their Independent Identity in family, in work and in the global society at large.