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Co-Founder Dr. Nirupama Mishra

nirupama-mishraFrom being a shy, studious girl practicing organic chemistry to earning a doctorate in heterocyclic compounds, and teaching students the most complex atomic configurations, Dr. Nirupama Mishra has studied life to its molecular level too.

Born and brought up in a middle class family, she lost her father in her early childhood; but that couldn’t stop her for long; perhaps it made her more determined and more focused to accomplish her mother’s dream. She never looked back and has travelled a long personal and professional journey. A mother of two lovely daughters, an accomplished researcher and academician, She is a firm believer that God has blessed women with all the powers to achieve everything and asking for equality makes no sense.

During her stay for Post graduate studies, doctoral research and teaching at the world’s largest residential university for women – Banasthali Vidyapith, She got an excellent opportunity to connect with thousands of fellow scholars. In her teaching stint on one hand, she was coaching students, simplifying complex chemistry for them, while on the other hand she was interacting and talking with the profuse diversity of young women in the university to learn more about the issues and concerns that bother women in pursuing their aspirations. She always felt the need of a forum that provides Information, Inspiration, and Involvement to woman which empowers her to carve out “Individual Distinctness”. Inspired with this mission, the idea of “WomenID” was adopted to give an organized silhouette to our ongoing informal endeavors and scale up the activities.

One of the accomplished women entrepreneurs, actively involved in developing women network & online communities, Ms. Monika Nakra who is also a kind and like-minded friend of Dr. Nirupama joined hands and supported in co-founding this great cause for well-being of women. The way, small seeds turn into big trees; Women-ID will also transform into a big movement, helping women across the globe to reap the benefits through community-connect, communication & collaboration.