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Co-Founder Monika Nakra Sharma


Those who think a woman can either keep her house in order, manage her children, & family, or else she can do well in business; Ms. Monika Nakra Sharma can prove them wrong. She does it all.

Ever since she got married, she kept herself engaged in entrepreneurial projects. Even after successfully establishing an educational institute for design and being a Director at IPD Image Promotions Pvt. Ltd.  a company that excels in PR, Media & Marketing consulting; Yet her yearning to give back to the society motivated her to join the cause of WOMEN-ID as one of its Co-founder.

Inspired from her father she shares that “If a Woman wants, she can create her own Independent Identity in all spheres, even in fields which have been predominated by man so far.

Monika is actively engaged in building a new online media with a model that connects women of different backgrounds as a community. Further she aims to foster an ecosystem for women entrepreneur that provides a common forum to the women in business to connect directly with their consumers and businesses.

Coming from business background, Monika says revenues are important for every venture but at this point of time we are focusing on creating a community platform where women can seek , share and synergise their energies into positive roles and mediums.

Sharing her thoughts on another initiative Shouthere.com she says, every woman has a right to speak up her mind without being judged. She believes freedom to expression is the foremost step towards breaking all barriers that stops her to grow. A management graduate in Human Resource Monika Nakra Sharma trusts if Women will grow, society will surely grow.