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Mother’s Day -She is always Special !!


It is only a Woman who can bear the unbearable pains to deliver a new life and that’s why she is the creator, she is the mother and she is the God.

Right from the time when the little one is in her womb, she dedicates her whole life for her children. Her hands holds you all through from your first breath, your first step, your first crawl, your first murmur and she knows all what you like, and what you don’t.

Mother is your “Best Friend”, she always make you feel that you are the best. She will always hold your hands not letting you fall, she is the one whom you would always find standing by you whenever you are in need.

She is your “Best Philosopher”, She tells you the difference between the wrong and the right. She coaches you to stay strong and upright when the going gets tough.

She is also your “Best Guide”, She teaches you everything in life from how to walk, to how to talk, to eat, to study, to play, to behave, to sing, to smile, to live, and above all how to be a good human-being.

While we all know how much we owe to our mothers, we all take our mothers for granted. We rarely take out time to tell her how much she means to us? Though it isn’t  enough to just observe  one day in a year to express our gratitude for our mothers without whom we could hardly imagine our lives. So, let’s not just do it today when the whole world is flooded with the Mother’s Day hash tags, rather let’s resolve to say it more often to our moms how special we feel they are, let’s not wait for another year just for a specific day to share our feelings and affection.

We owe every moment of our life to our mothers so love her more and more every day, it will surely make us happier, & blessed; making every day of our life as special as the Mother’s Day.

Big Salute to all the mothers in the world ! Happy Mother’s Day !!