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Proud to be a Mother !


Yes, you can raise your child and have a beautiful family life being a single mother. Many are doing it. If they can do it, you can do it too!

  • You’re Right: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a single mother. It doesn’t matter you’re a single parent by choice or by circumstances; value and trust yourself!
  • You’re Independent: You’re a confident woman, capable of supporting your family and taking a good care of your kid. You can take right decisions for your family and plan your life. Believe in yourself!
  • You’re Strong: You’re able to deal with any situation and can very well take care of all aspects of your family life. You’re the backbone of your family. Stay strong!
  • You’re Complete: You don’t need anyone to complete you. You’ve your kid and you kid has you .You’ve a beautiful family, love and appreciate it. You laugh and cry together. Cheers to a happy family!
  • You’re Enough: You’re a mother as well as a father of your kid. You can pamper and teach him/her to be disciplined. You can be a guide and a friend. You can be the best parent. You’re good enough.  Be happy and proud!