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Diksha Chaudhary asked 2 years ago

I am an 18year old, 12th std girl and recently there was a third world war kinda situation in my house!the reason you ask? Well, i guess many might have come across this situation, the dadis of the house only want a boy child. A girl child according to them is a curse. I wouldn’t want to come out with the whole situation of the house, but considering i am the only daughter of the house it saddens me to say, that dadi, being a woman, being a girl child at some stage of her life says this for her own blood of the house that she doesn’t want it… how does that make you feel? 

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vandana answered 2 years ago

Change is happening and just the need to make her and others aware about it.
Share some good examples with her taking help from digital space where girls have exceptionally done well to make family proud and took better care of parents than boys.
Show her some significant good movies like Dangal and others, if it still she is not convinced than you may ask someone from the society speak with her.
I am sure with your such efforts she will change her perception.
Carry on to voice out ….good i like it shout here…..