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She too can do!


 In The 21st century not only are women being trusted with responsibilities but are also out performing just like men in various sectors of the economy. Be it marketing, research, innovation, advertising, corporate roles, anything. Women are now taking up on jobs that requires not only mental toughness but also need physical strength; here are a few offbeat roles from different walks of life…

Automobile Engineering:

The development and implementation of a car’s design and making of its prototype models for the construction of an actual  working vehicle may be stated as development engineering, and requires the same strenuous amount of calculations for both the sexes.

Underwater filmmaking:
Shooting marine life and diving to the depth of the unknown is an adventurous and a physically straining job earlier restricted only to men, but the finesse with which the likes of Leni Riefenstahl shot underwater documentaries broke the stereotypical boundaries of the oceans and the waves to women, all over the globe.

Fitness Instructors:
As display of physical strength and stamina goes, men have always had the chance of boasting how they’ve been granted prowess naturally and that it is their job to lift heavy weights and display their awe inspiring physiques, but women have offered heavy competition in the field of fitness in positions such as gym trainers and yoga instructors.

Police Jobs:
Breaking the stereotypical boundaries of their kitchen women have even taken up jobs in the justice department serving as the keepers of law and protecting those who need it the most, such inspiration can be drawn from women serving as Inspectors and commissioners of police in prevalent parts of the world.

Construction Jobs:
Heavy duty load lifting and working on machinery is more of a man’s thing, some would’ve stated but the current generation of women aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in some mud and concrete as women take up heavy labor and construction jobs since the 2000s

Pilots/Driver etc:
Assuming that you’d risk your life if you let a woman drive a car is a thing of clichéd movies. As women take up jobs of flying high in the sky and cruising through the ocean, safely transporting people and goods to their destination.

The odd jobs as they may be called have not made women bow down, but have instead just served as a stepping stone in their path towards proving that women are no less than men.

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